Information Gathering Made Easy

Gathering (Customer / Verification / Research) information is dramatically simplified through VerifyEase. It is a powerful, easy to use, mobile-friendly tool that empowers you with transparency and cost reduction, while removing ground-level inefficiencies and time delays.

Ideal Solution for

Companies and institutions that need to gather Customer / Verification / Research information as part of their everyday business

Verifyease helps you manage your business process with ease

Banking & Financial Institutions

Complying with the mandatory KYC norms has never been this easy. VerifyEase helps in speeding up the process, reducing fraud, reducing costs and improving transparency.

Success Stories

Telecom Industry

Identify and verify customers while offering pre-paid and post-paid services. Helps in saving time and focus on customer engagement and comply with KYC norms.

Success Stories

Market Research Firms

Speed up the primary research and capture comprehensive customer data. VerifyEase reduces all those operational hassles and eliminates the cumbersome paperwork.

Competitive Intelligence

Gather, analyze and monitor information on competitors for effective decision making. VerifyEase can help to ensure all the vital field-level data about competitors is collected in a systematic and cost effective manner.

Success Stories

Utility Services

Generate utility bills with ease. Integrate with customers’ mobile devices and just send the bills as text messages and emails. Bills generated are automatically stored in secured servers.

Other services

Be it taking population census or handling employment verification, VerifyEase does it all. In fact, it infuses greater efficiency in to the execution and brings ease in matrix analysis.

How Do You Benefit

Crystal clear view of grass root level operations, while reducing dependencies, costs and time

Improved Effeciency

Mobile Friendly

This application is light, sleek and can be loaded easily on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. It just requires a GPRS connection to set things rolling.

Instant Update

The information captured is instantly updated on to the servers. VerifyEase is designed to upload the customer information on real time basis on to remote servers using the Internet.

Reduced Time and Costs

Reduce Errors & Save Time

No scope for manual errors as all the data is digitized right from the time of capturing. A lot of time is saved as all the intermediate backend processes in the traditional verification are eliminated.

Eliminate Paper

A lot of paper is consumed in the manual verification. VerifyEase eliminates paper from day one as all the customer data is directly store in digital formats on remote servers.

Higher Transparency

Geo Tagging

VerifyEase takes transparency to an altogether new level. It provides accurate data on whether the agent has actually travelled to the customer address and performed the verification.

Proof of Verification

VerifyEase enables capturing authentic customer data and makes sure the agent provides the proof of verification.

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