1) Who can use VerifyEase?

VerfiyEase can be used by anybody who needs to gather field data/information. It could be gathering customer details or collecting payments at customer premises or collecting specific information from a targeted audience (as in a survey), etc. VerifyEase can be used across the industries as long as gathering field data/information is a requirement in the business.

2) How does VerifyEase help the banking and financial services sector?

VerifyEase could be used be used in (but not limited to) the following ways by the banking and financial services providers.

Customer Verification: Banks are required to verify customer details, under the KYC norms, during opening of bank accounts, activating credit cards and while disbursing loans. VerifyEase helps in reducing the operational hassles involved in such verification processes and thereby reduces the total time consumed for data gathering and its processing.

Debt recovery: VerifyEase is an ideal tool for debt recovery agents. They go on field to recover debt from customers residing at different locations. VerifyEase can be used to track the agent's movements on field and keep a tab on the progress of the overall debt collection process.

3) How does VerifyEase help the telecom sector?

Activating a new mobile connection requires verifying the customer details. Unless the customer details are verified, the new connection cannot be activated as per the KYC norms. VerifyEase helps in improving the efficiency of this process while bringing greater transparency. It provides a wholistic view of the entire verification process undertaken by the telecom operator, their vendors as well as the field agents deployed on the job. It also provides real time information about the agents' movements and the progress made by the individual agents as well as overall progress.

4) How does VerifyEase help market research organisations in their primary research?

Primary research is a painstaking process of preparing questionnaires, population sampling, collecting data, analysing & making interpretations, and generating reports. VerifyEase is very helpful in those occasions where researchers must go to the respondents' location to collect the data. Using VerifyEase, they need not carry bunches of paper questionnaires and need not spend their valuable time filling out those questionnaires. They can simply load the respondent data on to the VerifyEase mobile application. As data is digitized at the point of collection, all the hassles of converting this data into digital formats (as used in the traditional way) are eliminated through VerifyEase. It also offer immense help in analysing the collected data through the built-in analytics tool and helps in arriving at the interpretations much quickly as compared to the traditional way.

5) How can VerifyEase help in gathering competitive intelligence?

There are many ways that VerifyEase can help in gathering competitive intelligence. For instance, it plays a crucial role in understanding the advertising and promotion strategies of competitors. All the outdoor advertising of competitors like billboards, sign boards, hoardings, advertising on bus shelters, etc. can be easily captured and analysed through VerifyEase. This can establish a sneak peak into the advertising strategy of the competitors.

6) How does VerifyEase help the utility service providers?

VerifyEase can be used by utility service providers like power distribution companies, drinking water distribution service providers in their bill generation process. Today these utility providers generate their consumer bills manually using mechanical billing machines that are connected to their central servers. Physical bills are generated and given by hand to consumers. However, VerifyEase can help in doing away with the physical bills and can generate e-bills (e-mails) or m-bills (SMS). It also helps in identifying defaulters and provide advance indication to the utility companies to take necessary action against the defaulters.

7) What are the other areas where VerifyEase can be helpful?

VerifyEase has much broader scope and can be used in a variety of situations. Some of them are as mentioned below:

8) Can VerifyEase be customized as per unique requirements of the customers?

Yes, VerifyEase is highly flexible and customizable according to the customer requirements. It can be customized to reflect the branding and look & feel of the clients.

9) How can I procure a subscription to VerifyEase?

Signup for a demo today and we'll lead you through the user-friendly subscription process.

10) Is VerifyEase available for subscription anywhere else other than this website?

VerifyEase can be subscribed only through this website and it is neither available elsewhere nor do we promote it through other channels.