National mobile service operator's improved the turnaround time, efficiency and transparency in customer verification for its post paid connections


Customer verification is a mandatory task to be accomplished by a telecom operator as per the law laid out by TRAI, Government of India, failing which the operator is liable to be penalized. However, such verification being a non-core process is usually outsourced to third party agencies. Verification includes visiting the customer premises, identifying the customer at their premises and verifying that the documents provided by the customer are correct and that there are no discrepancies.


First, this is a time consuming process as the agents have to visit the customer location. Second, a lot of backend work has to be done with the collected data like scanning the data, digitizing it, sending to the quality teams of the mobile services operator, getting feedback, etc. Third, there is no transparency in the process as there are chances of reporting false/cooked-up data by the agents.


The mobile services operators tried VerifyEase in their post paid connections in Hyderabad region in the Andhra Pradesh circle. It offered a convenient way for the mobile services operator to get a hold on the verification process from end to end. The quality teams can now track the movement of field agents in real time and oversee the progress of the job as it happens. VerifyEase allows field agents to upload images of the customer, their location and the documents – which are directly stored in central servers and can be accessed any time by the quality teams.


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